GEB Filene

GEB Filene

Monday, April 7, 2014

Hey! Merida here, I am so excited to take over Filene blog for the next couple days! I just got here and had fun exploring the house and especially the new toys!

Here I am with Bliss :) 

Puppy class

Tonight we had puppy class at the Rochester Airport! We worked on LOTS of stairs, elevators, walking without pulling, settling, and close. I did sooo well! 


Guess what? I’m going on a puppy swap! My friend Merida’s mom will be taking me for a few days and Merida will get to come to my house! I can’t wait!

Here is a picture of Merida! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Outing to the Plaza

 Jiffy, Edlyn, Krista, and I went and walked around a nice Plaza :) 
Krista and I share a kiss! 

walking in puddles 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

One year later

 Hi everyone! Exactly a year ago today my mom became my puppy raiser! We have had an amazing year! She wrote this and wanted me to share it! She really loves me.

                                                      One year Later

One year ago I received the most wonderful call any anticipating Guiding Eyes for the Blind puppy raiser can get. My RC, Pamela Boy, told me I would soon cuddle a little black lab puppy from the F13 litter in my arms: and her name was Filene. After 6 months of coming to classes, events, and learning as much as I could about the program, a little buddle of joy was delivered into my arms. Looking back at all the wonderful adventures, lessons, and laughter, Filene has taught me so much about life in one year.

Rushing out to get busy, practicing basic commands, exploring new sights, and providing countless puppy cuddles filled the first couple months of Filene’s new life as a Guiding Eyes pup on program; and mine as a very proud puppy raising mom.  From day one I could tell how much Filene focused on me, her attention was incredible. I also loved her playfulness, eagerness, intelligence, and confidence. However, I think I really fell in love with her after finding her asleep in her bin of toys. These first couple months we focused on building a connection with each other, and providing a strong foundation. Filene taught me to be patient, caring and how to take things slow.

            After enjoying the sweet puppy months of Filene’s life, her adolescent side kicked in full force, and some bumpy months came ahead. Filene gained a whole new level of energy and mischief. My puppy sure showed me how stubborn she could be. She would blow me off in public, teeth on random items, pull towards fascinating pine cones, and try to give kisses, which is nice, except when jumping several feet to reach the target’s mouth.  Although I did get frustrated at times, we kept on moving forward channeling the playfulness I loved so much. Hiking became our new favorite activity and Filene also became a tennis ball addict. A bored Filene was an up-to-no-good Filene and I discovered new ways to challenge her skills. We would practice in different environments and distances. My playful adolescent and I learned how to have fun and keep out of trouble.

            Let’s take a short pause to hear the cheers and applause. We made it out of troublesome teens and moved into a more mature well-mannered stage. After lots of work and perseverance, I found the consistent, well-mannered sides of Filene DID in fact exist. She never touched my sister’s toys, sat before being pet, and remained calm inside the house. On outings she stayed focused and aware of all her surroundings, ignoring tempting people and curious smells and sights around her. She became more willing to listen and starting to obey whenever she was told, food or no food. She received a big gold star in my mind when I knew perseverance did pay off.

          The Guiding Eyes for the Blind Monroe Region has become more of a family to me. My favorite day of the week is Monday, puppy class day, and who on earth can say Monday is their favorite day! Since day one the group’s love and support of each other in a common goal makes it so rewarding. Sharing in the love of puppies, the Guiding Eyes mission, and love of what we do, the entire Guiding Eyes community overflows with never ceasing happiness. It is really true; it takes a pack to raise a puppy.

Filene has grown up so much in one year. I cannot believe that my bouncy, silly, loving puppy has grown into such an amazing and gifted dog. Although she leaves me soon to go on to bigger and greater things, she takes a piece of my heart to doggie college with her. Everyone who supported Filene and me during this year will journey on with her, and hopefully land into the heart of her new Partner. Whether it was a kiss, hug, advice, or teaching her a lesson, you all made Filene, and me better volunteers, happier, and more loving than one year ago.

Puppy raising has taught me that it is not the goal, but about the journey. Taking time to make mistakes only teaches us how to improve and more forward. Without taking the time to meet all the wonderful people involved, the experience would not be the same. I am forever in debt to what Guiding Eyes has done for me. Although there will be many more puppies to come, I truly believe Filene and I were the perfect match. Filene taught me to live life to the fullest, work hard, be patient, considerate, and a newfound appreciation for a good toy. She will always be my first Guiding Eyes puppy.

Mall walking

                Sometimes my friends and I go to the mall before the stores open and walk!  Today I went with Klinger, Krista, and Lang.
Me and my bestest friend Krista! I love he so much 

Group "over" 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Guess who came back...

                       The snow is BACK! My mom doesn’t love it but I do! I like to eat it.

I could eat snow all day